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Erica’s uncle, Chris Baisan, is a dendrochronologist working at the University of Arizona.According to the publisher’s ideas, the ballet should originally have had an opus number and not have been published in Russian-French, rather in Russian-German; in the test printing without disc number, the opus number was omitted.The site has a relatively good traffic rank in the cities of Donetsk (#110) and Windsor (#245), and approximately 32% of visits to the site are bounces (one pageview only).

Tree-ring dating of wood samples relies on matching growth patterns in a sample of unknown date with the pattern in a known standard, or “chronology”.

The first set of corrections, now with disc number, removed the awkward German text at certain points, as well as the title, instructions and explanations, and replaced them with French; they also did not include an opus number.

a) First editions (Original version Ballet characters): La Ballerine, Pétrouchka, Le Maure, Le vieux Charlatan [The Ballerina, Petrushka, The Moor, The Old Magician]; Les Nourrices (Nounous), Les Cochers, Les Palefreniers, Le Marchand fétard, Les tziganes, Les danseuses de rue, Premier joueur d‘orgue, Second joueur d‘orgue, Le “Died” (compère de la foire), Le montreur de vues d´optique [The Wet-Nurses, The Coachmen, The Grooms, The Reveling Merchant, The Gypsy Women, The Street Dancers, First Organ-Grinder, Second Organ-Grinder, The “Died” (Master of Ceremonies, The Peepshow Exhibitor]; Masques et travestis [Mummers and Maskers]; Marchands, Marchandes, Officiers, Soldats, Seigneurs, Dames, Enfants, Bonnes, Cosaques, Agents de la Police, Un Montreur d´ours, etc.

70), which he then revised and sent to the publisher in October.

4 He had another large composition under work as well, namely, the music for the pantomime Scaramouche (Op. However, Sibelius had good reasons for accepting the commission.

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