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Hawaii is no different than any other state in the Union in that there are glass and ceramic bottles that were manufactured as containers to be used by Hawaii's companies. were used on both Hawaiian Bimals and machine made bottles until the 1920's.

What is unusual is the fact that bottles and other containers first came to the State when it was a kingdom and possibly long before many of the other 50 states. What made Hawaiian bottles somewhat unique and diverse was the geography of Hawaii and its relative island-by-island isolation.

I also have an interest in early ceramics primarily redware and stoneware produced in Baltimore.

What many don't realize is that Hawaii was fully operational as a Hawaiian Kingdom, Sovereign Nation, and Territory of the United States well before 1959. First Public School west of the Rockies was Lahaianaluna on Maui. begin to appear (Hawaiian Territory or Territory of Hawaii). When drilling discovered water and sugar and pineapple companies became the principal economy of Hawaii, each island had a number of sugar and pineapple companies each with a company store.

I am also putting together a guide to early ceramics commonly found during privy digs.

These ceramics are a very good tool for dating the context of the privy you are digging.

The first private business club was The Pacific Club founded in 1851. For a state small in square miles people are shocked when they learn that there were over 38 different soda companies that produced over 270 varieties of bimal (bottles hand blown into a mold) soda bottles.

What's interesting about 1851 is the fact that Ulrich Alting, a German merchant, imported the first known Hawaiian embossed soda bottle. After the Hawaiian Islands became an official territory of the United State in 1900, the abbreviation H. The variety of soda works companies continued when ABM (machine blown bottles) first appeared.

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