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I'm interested in relationships with a lot of reciprocity and independence. I had really decided not to date artists anymore, because they can be so temperamental and in their own world. " I mean, I hear a lot of stories where women will pull an ultimatum and be like, "By time, you have to propose to me." But women know when it's time to get married. We would do this thing where we would mention marriage through dreams we had had.

Like, when I meet people around, some of them think it's pretty cool, but I'm usually not interested in the ones that do. I'm interested in men who are really respectful and sensitive and have the same physical sensibility that I do. There's that stereotype that artists are selfish and self-centered. At some point, my friends were like, "Just ask him!

All you need to do is ask for advice and wear a cute workout outfit.

So yeah, you should definitely meet guys anywhere around food. You WANT to meet guys wearing suits during lunch hour! In case you didn't know, suits for women are like lingerie is for men. However, most business guys are actually busy during lunch hour and might not particularly be looking for romantic encounters. If you're into creative, expressive and unusual dudes, acting workshops is where you need to meet new guys. You'll get to act out fun sketches with handsome guys and, who knows, maybe you'll get to take your relationship even further after class. Even if you don't end up meeting anyone, you'll still have a lot of fun cheering for Habs. You might very well end up meeting quality guys at a speed dating event in Montreal. Most guys attending these kinds of events are looking for serious relationships.

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Do you like it when a guy makes the first move, then? I just like when a guy says what's on his mind and is straightforward about what he's feeling. Sometimes it's great and sometimes it takes a turn for the worse and ends in disappointment. I had fought the relationship for a while, but we were already kind of married to each other spiritually and I was just starting to see that.

It's funny because I'm British and I miss that boldness that comes along with that. People are not bold in any sense, including romance. We felt connected after a couple of months of knowing each other, so I visited. She was planning on migrating here anyway, so within a month after I returned to Montreal, she moved here and we started living together right away.

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