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Railroads from this period tend to have more items left so collectors have a much easier time finding items like passes, timetables, and manuals.

Michael Bezallion was the first to describe the forks of the Ohio in a 1717 manuscript, and later that year European fur traders established area posts and settlements.

Railroads that ran service to as many states as Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Chicago and St.

Louis Railroad are fairly rare because it requires a large railroad to cover ground in 6 different states. Louis Railroad was so large, most items from it will tend to be more common than items from smaller lines.

Twitter/Insta: Dannyquad91 SKY BENNETT (Tommy Boy, Spot Conlon, Ensemble) is titillated to be making his Pittsburgh CLO debut this summer! ) is stoked to be back on stage in Pittsburgh, performing in his second summer season with Pittsburgh CLO! Favorite credits include: North Shore Music Theatre, Theatre by the Sea, The World Premiere of ) is thrilled to be making his Pittsburgh CLO debut!

Musical Theater major at Pace University in New York City. IG: @whosthatguyitssky ) is thrilled to be making his Pittsburgh CLO debut! Host of weekly Pittsburgh Improv Jam at Cabaret at Theater Square with Well Known Strangers. Favorite roles include: Danny Zuko in ) is thrilled to be returning to the Benedum Stage and Pittsburgh CLO after performing in the resident ensemble in last summer’s season! ) Originally from Rochester, NY and is thrilled to be making his Pittsburgh CLO debut! Concert Dance: August Wilson Center Dance Ensemble, Houston Metropolitan Dance Company, Owen/Cox Dance, Ballet Inc. Davis is a Pittsburgh native and recent graduate of Pace’s musical theatre program.

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