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Your search to find your special someone can be frustrating and time consuming.This is why many singles like you despair that it will ever happen - and they give up or settle for someone who isn’t right, and ultimately end up living a lonely and unsatisfying life.

"Looking at people's relationships through the eyes of a coach gave me the idea to start helping people earlier in their relationships by helping singles." It was, Steele says, a bit of an epiphany: "Singles become couples.

Not only that, calling a marriage counselor is often a last resort and, in some cases, they were calling Steele for help after irreversible damage to the relationship had already been done. While he really wanted to help people find happiness, he felt there was something missing from his arsenal.

When he discovered life coaching, the pieces started to fall into place.

For over 20 years, as a Relationship Coach and Marriage and Family Therapist, I have helped thousands of singles find the love of their life and build relationships that last.

Most of those singles experienced the same struggle that you probably have faced - how to find that one special person with whom you can share your life.

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The assignments that I did seemed very insightful, and I still refer back to my discoveries when I go out on dates, and I talk about the chapters/exercises with my friends who are struggling through the dating world as well.

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